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Tanning & Piercing

Whether you're looking for that 'sun-kissed' natural glow or a deeply bronzed body, spray tanning is a safe and effective way of achieving that result. Certainly nothing makes you feel and look better than a 'bit of colour' either in the depths of winter or the height of summer. Using the Naturasun range which reacts with your own skin tone to achieve a natural looking tan our beauty therapists can expertly spray you in our tanning booth to whatever shade you require! If you wish to have your ears pierced we are also expert at ear piercing and have an excellent reputation in Cheltenham for our hygiene and professionalism.

Spray tans will last  at least 5-7 days and following a few useful tips can last for longer.  Please wear dark, loose clothing as spray tan must be left on for 12 hours or overnight if possible to develop fully before bathing.  Exfoliate and moisturise the night before and DO NOT apply any products on the day of tanning.

All piercing equipment is either sterile, pre-packed or disposable.  We pride ourselves on the standard of piercing and after-care service.  Age limits apply for ears (+ 7 years).  Under 16's  must have proof of parental consent.

Beauty Salon - tanning & piercing

Naturasun Spray Tan - Full Body £26.00
Naturasun Spray Tan - Top up £16.00
Naturasun Spray Tan - 1/2 Body £16.00
Ear Piercing - one ear £10.50 (includes earring)
Ear Piercing - both ears £16.50 (includes earrings)