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Alternative Facials

Whatever your age or skincare objective, both the CACI (non surgical face lift - re-educates the muscles of the face to tone up and hold their original shape) and the Microdermabrasion (exfoliating treatment - using minute sterilised crystals) achieve significant improvement to your skin. Be it a more toned and youthful appearance or a clearer and healthier complexion, both treatments have stood the test of time and are favoured by those in the public eye to whom 'looks' are paramount.

A 'High Diffusion Hydrating Treatment' can be applied either after the Caci or the Micro-Dermabrasion to great effect, soothing, calming and rehydrating the skin. 


Beauty Salon - alternative facials

CACI non-surgical face lifting treatment (1hr) £44.50
CACI - Course of 12 treatments £445.00 = 2x FREE treatments
CACI - Jowl Lift Treatment (30 mins) £25.00
CACI - Jowl Lift Treatment - Course x10 £225.00 (= 1 FREE treatment)
CACI - Jowl Lift as ADD ON to Full Caci (15mins) £15.00
CACI - Eye Revive Treatment (45mins) £39.50
CACI - Eye Revive Treatment - Course x10 £355.50 (=1 FREE Treatment)
CACI - Eye Revive ADD ON to Full Caci (20mins) £20.00
Micro-Dermabrasion (45mins) £39.00
Microdermabrasion - Course of 6 treatments £210.60 = Saving of 10%
High Diffusion Hydrating Treatment (soothing, hydrating mask added as an extra) add £10.50 per treatment